Do you know what the most-searched-for recipe is in Arkansas and Texas? 

I originally did this story a couple of years back and the number one recipe for Arkansas was for my breakfast favorite pancakes.

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And the favorite recipe for Texas was for some sweet delicious cookies.

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But with the pandemic still lingering the searches on Google for our two states has changed somewhat. The most searched-for recipe for Arkansas is a good old juicy hamburger.

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And guess what the most-searched-for recipe is in Texas? It is the same as Arkansas the hamburger.

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Since we spent so much time at home most of us missed having our favorite burgers and cheeseburgers, so we did the next best thing and made them at home. I know I really enjoy a good home-cooked burger on the grill and my wife said it is one of her favorites.

Here is the recipe I use for my burgers at home. Of course, you can dress them up or down any way you like. My son is all about cheese and mustard and ketchup only. I like mine with everything except tomatoes and the wife likes here's with no onions.

The recipe I use is from Food Networks' own Bobby Flay. Here is his recipe for the perfect burger.

Use an 80 20 mix of meat that is ground chuck, put a thumbprint in the middle of the burger, that keeps it from having a high spot in the middle and it just looks better. Only season it with salt and pepper that way you can taste the great meat you are using for the burger.

This is the step where Bobby and I are different. He wants you to use a hot cast iron skillet with a splash of canola oil. I prefer the good outdoor grill. I have a gas with those burner covers so there is no chance of a flair-up. And last only turn that burger one time to help get that great crust on the outside and it lets you keep the temp just right for that medium-well finish.

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