Arkansas has its share of mysterious creatures that have been seen over the years like the infamous Fouke monster but have you ever heard about a flying-winged creature spotted off a highway in Arkansas in 2012?

The winged reptile-looking creature looked like something from the late Triassic Period or Cretaceous Period. These creatures are said to be extinct for more than 66 million years but are they? Sightings have been seen all over the world, as a matter of fact, the TV show 'Paranormal Caught on Camera' did a story on one that was spotted in a remote area most recently. Numerous sightings of these reptile creatures have been seen in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas throughout the years, according to this website. Supposedly, there was also a sighting in Texarkana many years ago.

YouTube, reeanactment
YouTube, reenactment

It was reported by an Arkansas woman in 2012 who noticed something peculiar in the sky while she was driving down the road. The winged creature flew within a few feet of her car which appeared to have come from underneath a bridge. To me, this sighting sounds a lot like another mysterious legend "The Mothman" about a winged creature that appears near a bridge and flies in front of your vehicle with large glowing red eyes. However, no red eyes on this creature just bat-like claws, a large diamond-shaped flat head. The woman described the creature as gray in color, featherless, pointed beak, and head crest. After doing some research on what she thought she had seen it looks to be a pteranodon or pterodactyls.

Here is a video of an incident that happened in Arkansas in 2012.

So, the mystery remains, what was that flying creature spotting flying over Arkansas in 2012? Fact or Fiction?

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