We've all hit up our favorite buffet spot with the fam after church. Now that COVID has forced us to adjust our social lives, it's only fair to assume, those days could be coming to a halt.
Taking the family to enjoy limitless grub on the buffet line was the way to go.... especially if you had a large family or gathering of people. I can recall BC (before COVID) how Ryans in my old hometown used to be jumping on weekends. I'm not a huge fan of buffets, but Ryans could get my money. The food was always good. Hands down it was one of the better feast spots.

Now that COVID-19 is running rampant and buffets across the nation are shutting down, will people still find them satisfying to the pallet once thing open back up? ....or will the fear of a 'Rona repeat keep them away?

I can answer for me.... Ummmm I'm good on all buffets for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, buffets are the easiest way for germs to spread. Check out the video below. 

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