The Discovery Place Interactive Museum presents "You've Got Mail" on Saturday at 2 PM.

The Museum system says:

Join us as we create a mailbox, in honor of the great African American Philip Downing. Philip Downing invented a post box to drop mail into. His invention was patent on October 27th, 1891.

Kids will not only learn about Philip Downing, but will also get an opportunity to build one of their own in honor of Black History Month.

This is an awesome "Boredom Buster," which is a series of fun, kid-friendly events hosted by the Texarkana Museum Systems for all to enjoy. Texarkana Museum System Members and kiddos three and under have free admission. All others will pay a small fee of $5.

Want to know about the wonders of life? Visit the Discovery Place Interactive Museum and have fun learning! Experience the sound wall and musical Tesla coils, and the Tinkering Studio. The Discovery Place Interactive Museum is located at 215 Pine Street in Texarkana.

For more information call (903) 793 4831.

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