Stop giving so much attention and energy to "your haters". If I hear one more grown person... male or female talk about what they're haters are doing, it's gonna be a problem. 

My question to you is how do you even know what your haters are doing and/or saying regarding you? You should be so immersed in your next best move and whatever you're building to the point of oblivion when it comes to something as silly as a hater. Let me tell you something... A hater can't do anything to you but watch you eat.... but you can't eat if you're not preparing a table. You can't prepare a table if you're over there in the corner windmilling at ghosts.  And that's what those people are... They're air. They're empty. They have no fulfillment of their own so they rob you of yours. And you let them. Stop entertaining and talking about haters.  As a matter of fact take the word "hater" out of your vocabulary if you're over 30.

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