Keep in mind… it’s when we want to do right that wrong always peaks it’s ugly head. You’re doing good saving money… Then Dillard’s wants to have a sale. lol You’re doing great not giving into temptation (in whatever shape form or fashion) and then you get that text.  Ya'll know what text I'm talking about. :) That’s because the enemy knows your appetite. He knows what you're hungry for, and will always tempt you when you’re at your weakest... when you're at your tiredest... your angriest... your loneliest. 

In talking to a friend the other day, I was reminded of something I was told a long time ago. She used the acronym, H.A.L.T.  She said," Never make a decision when you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.”

Now put on your Pearls of Wisdom and win the day!

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