Have you ever been driving alone down some old dark road only to feel like some unwanted guests might be riding along with you? You know that feeling when the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

With that being said, the state of Arkansas is known to have some of the most haunted highways in the country. Here are three Haunted Highways you should take a drive on this Halloween season if you dare!

Located 18 miles south of Little Rock, Arkansas Woodson Lateral Road is out in the boonies Remember that movie, "The Mothman Prophecies" about some winged bat or creature that appears out of nowhere, this is said to be one of the occurrences along with ghost lights, shadow people, and the Woodson bridge. This highway has the creep factor because of the tall trees that hang over the roadway and includes a roadside cemetery. This road is known for seeing lots of glowing orbs or unexplained ghostly lights.

There have been many ghostly tales about the haunted hitchhiker, Highway 365 in Woodson, Arkansas is best-known for a female hitchhiker that is spotted wearing a tattered dress on the side of the road and if you pick her up she will give you her address only to find when you arrive there she's no longer in your vehicle. Legend has it that she was killed in a traffic accident years ago and that the residents living there are her parents. My advice, if you see her keep on driving!

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Old Redfield Road near Little Rock in the town of Sheridan, locals there have reported seeing ghostly apparitions while driving or walking down the road.  Radios and other electrical equipment have been known to quit working when traveling in this area. Could it be caused by the nearby cemetery? Better take a change of underwear when traveling this road!

Finally, it's worth the drive to Gurdon, Arkansas to see if you can spot the Gurdon Light on a nearby train track. This has been an urban legend for a long time there.

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