It's back to school for some kids today as Texas Independent School District starts classes and Arkansas Independent School District begins next Tuesday, August 17.

Remember to look out for school busses and kids. Now is a great time for a refresher course in driving when you see a school bus. When to stop and what to do if you see a bus on the other side of the road.
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The Texarkana Texas Police Department posted on their Facebook page a great refresher about what to do when you see a school bus stopped on the side of the road.
Of course, we all know that we're supposed to stop for school buses whenever they are loading or unloading students. However, there seems to be some confusion every year about if that is an absolute rule - or if there are exceptions.
Basically, you're supposed to stop every time unless you are on a road divided by an unpaved median or barrier and the bus is stopping on the other side of the median. You have to stop any other time you come upon a bus with their red flashing lights on.
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Don Mason
They posted a great diagram too.
Please be sure to be aware of kids as they are getting off the busses too. Even if there is a median. Kids can be spontaneous and excited about catching a bus or getting off the bus and ready to get home and they might not be paying attention to vehicles. Let's make sure all the kids get on and off the busses safely this school year.

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