The rodeo is here! Wednesday night was the first night and it was fantastic. Plenty of action to keep you in your seats.

Bull Riding Action photo by Mimi Campbell at Townsquare Media

Even the break entertainment was enthralling. See my story on the Clowning Around at the Four State Fair and Rodeo.

Bull went after the Pickup Men photo by Mimi Campbell at Townsquare Media

Rodeo videos in case you missed the rodeo on Wednesday:

This horse had a little stage fright and you've probably heard the saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

This horse just wasn't interested in working.

He finally came out of the chute and after all the hype, he had the last word:

Bull riding was exciting. Some stayed on and others didn't.

Let's make it three for three!

The last bull really did not want that cowboy on his back. He fought pretty hard in the chute and the rodeo clown was evening motioning to the pickup men (the two people on the horses that help the cowboys after they ride) to back up.

Calf Roping photo by Mimi Campbell at Townsquare Media

Calf roping action was fast and furious too: