The fair is in town and that means fair food is what's for dinner. If you haven't been out to the fair yet, you are missing out on some fabulous treats. There is even something for the folks who want to keep it healthy. From sandwich wraps to salads, sushi, California rolls, BBQ, fish, pizza, funnel cakes, anything you can think to fry and many yummy desserts.

'Taste the Fair Tuesday’ is today, Sept. 15. Food vendors will serve sample sizes of their specialty foods for just $2 each so you can try all of the yummy treats without breaking your pocketbook and without getting too stuffed.

Here are some of the food vendors I talked to and whose food I sampled already:

My family and I have tried pizza, pretzels, nachos, fried cheese, Indo-Chinese, turkey wrap, pork cracklin's and pulled pork nachos. It has all been great. There is a rootbeer booth where you can purchase a cup and get free refills all through the fair. There are six or eight different flavors to try. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Watch videos of the fair from this year and previous years on our You Tube Channel!