True Detective didn’t exactly pan out for Colin Farrell, but Amazon might welcome him back to TV. The Lobster star is re-teaming with director Yorgos Lanthimos for a new Amazon limited series about the Iran-Contra affair, with Farrell portraying Oliver North.

Variety first reported on the series, noting that Lanthimos would direct Farrell in the role of the former U.S. marine-turned Fox News host. For the moment, the untitled series is still in development while writers Enzo Mileti and Scott Wilson complete scripts for Amazon. Additionally, Ben Stiller and Nicky Weinstock will executive produce for Red Hour Films.

Says Lanthimos:

I’m really excited to be working with Colin again on something quite different to what we have done so far. I look forward to joining forces with Ben and Nicky, who had an excellent casting idea and saw the potential of the material early on and Amazon, who has embraced the project with great enthusiasm. It makes me very confident and excited to be working on a script which, although based on relatively recent history, feels very fresh and relevant to our times.

For his part, Lanthimos is also working on a new AMC series with Fargo star Kirsten Dunst, after he and Farrell most recently worked on The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Stay tuned for more details on their Amazon series as it arrives.

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