Arkansas is known as the Natural State, most states have their own state slogan, something that identifies their region. But do you know Arkansas' state motto?

According to the website Solitare Bliss, when questioned 2 out of 5 Americans didn't know their home state motto. First of all, I hate to admit it but I was unaware we even had a state motto until now.

Mario Garcia, Canva
Mario Garcia, Canva

Thousands of Americans who took the quiz didn't know either, however, 90 percent of people in New Hampshire scored the best at knowing what their state motto was while folks in North Carolina had the worst score at only 13 percent.

Mario Garcia, Canva
Mario Garcia, Canva


So without further ado, I think it's only fair we take a look at our four-state region and find out what our home-state mottos are. You just may find yourself by some of the mottos.


38% "The People Rule"

36% thought it was Nature over Nurture, I guess since Arkansas is known as the Natural State.


59% "Friendship"

I can say that most Texans are very friendly.

17% thought "Brotherhood," was the state motto. That's not bad though.


62% "Union, Justice, and Confidence,"

17% thought it was "Justice. Liberty, and Perseverance"


38 % "Hard Work Conquers All,"

31% thought it was "Peace and Unity"

Most of the other state's mottos were similar with lots of American patriotism and religious overtones, the most unusual state motto was California. Their slogan is "Eureka! I Have Found it.

And I thought it would have been, "There's Gold Up in Them Hills."


Depending on which state you are from click here and then hover over your state on the U.S. map to see what your state motto is.

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