The Nacogdoches Railroad Depot is one of the many stops along the Ghosts of Nacogdoches Historic Trail. The trail is maintained by the Boy Scouts of America, East Texas Area Council and open to anyone who likes to hike, and a hike it is.

While you're checking out all the great historic locations on the hike be sure you stop by the Railroad Depot downtown. I don't know if this working display is up year round or just for special occasions, but it was up when we were there back in November of 2016 and it was spectacular.

Check out the video below.

There's is also a bell outside the depot and yes you are encouraged to ring it, I'm sure the neighbors would ask you to please not lose your mind with it, but heck, you have to ring it right?

It's just one of the many interesting stops on the Ghosts of Nacogdoches Historic Trail. Every Scout within a reasonable driving distance should do this weekend trip to learn more about the beginnings of Texas, and points west of Texas as well. You don't have to be a Scout to enjoy the trail, click here for more information about historic Nacogdoches.

Bell sign
Troop 3 Ready for Nacadoches