I'm sure that by now you are no longer surprised that Facebook is constantly looking in on you.  We all know that Mark Zuckerberg and company collect your information and sell it to advertisers to make their cash, but it does surprise me when I find out to what extent Facebook collects this data.

No doubt where you go and what you click on are recorded right?  Location, I get that - but we are getting a little scary now.  What about your camera when you are not actively using it, or even the photos that you have already taken?  Honestly the part that kinda freaks me out the most is the microphone.  Sure you need it for going live or making a call on Facebook, but have you ever noticed an advertisement that you don't remember searching for or posting about at all?  I have, and it's really weird.

Facebook has been flatly denying that this kind of surveillance is happening, but honestly - they could.  When you download the Facebook app, you have to accept the terms and conditions which explicitly ask you for permission to access virtually every aspect of data on your phone.  Check this out:


This is the control panel on my phone for Facebook.  Not only do they have access to my camera, pictures, contacts, and location, but they also have the ability to access my text messages, my calendar, and anything stored on my phone at all.

If this concerns you, there is something you can do.  As you can see, each one of these permissions have an off and on switch.  You can get to this on your phone by accessing the Facebook settings.

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