Hundreds of Thousands of women are wearing pearls for Inauguration Day today, also known now as, J20 (January 20). 

Pearls have always been associated with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. since its inception in 1908. They are also known as a sign of female strength and elegance. Therefore, it would only seem right that multiple Facebook groups would form encouraging all women to rock their pearls the day of Inauguration in support our Madame Vice President Kamala Harris who exudes strength and elegance and is herself, an Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman.

"Wear Pearls On January 20th" is a Facebook group started by Hope Aloaye that has generated fore than 430,000 members all vowing to rock their pearls today. Its members range from 13 to 100 years old and come from roughly 100 different countries, according to TODAY.  Aloaye saw this as a way to unite women she said in an interview with TODAY.

"I wanted a group that was inclusive because we already have so many other things that are so divisive in this country, especially right now, she shared.

So, ladies I hope to see you guys rocking your pearls today. Please drop your picture on the Majic Facebook page by clicking the button below.


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