Yoni Queens invites you to embrace the queen in you at the "Women's Empowerment Brunch" this Saturday, July 10. 

I believe whole-heartedly in the power of FEMALE EMPOWERMENT! And Yoni Queens embodies that from their services to their holistic outlook and respect for women and the female body. So, ladies, this Saturday, come out and get you a healthy boost of self-esteem, encouragement, inspiration and female bonding,

The event will be hosted by Dy'Reshia Chaplin, owner and operator of Yoni Queens. It will take place at Iron Mountain Center located at 1101 Couch Texarkana, Arkansas from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Guests speakers include Krystal Hughes, Whitley Watson, Ashley Hatton, Fatima Lathan, Roselyn Taylor, Dearice Spencer-Shackleford.

A few weeks ago Yoni Queens was one of our local Black-owned businesses spotlighted on Majic 93.3. So, I had to go see what all this "yoni talk" was all about. The experience was very different, yet very rewarding. It's like a soul cleansing and physical cleaning is the by-product. An overall great experience.

So, friends, save the date. For questions and/or more information, contact Dy'Reshia Chaplin or Yoni Queens

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