Halloween 2020 is upon us and every child in America has candy on the brain. As I've said before, THANK GOD my children are grown and well beyond the days of trick-or-treating. However, I have some friends with little ones who are counting down the days to getting their hands on the most candy they will see all year. lol So, it peeked my interest to find out exactly what are the candy favs throughout the states. 

Candystore.com did a story about the three most popular candies from each state. I guess the pretty cool thing about living in Texarkana is that we can use the answers from both states.

The top three candies for the entire United States are Skittle's, Reeses Cups, and Starburst. For Texas, the top three candies are as follows, respectively: Starburst, Reese's Cups, and Sour Patch Kids. For Arkansas the top three candies are Twix, Milky Way, and Blow Pops

Now I know what to add to my Walmart shopping list before Halloween arrives. Or of course, I could do what I've done for the past three years.... Turn my lights off, close the blinds and read a book with a book light. (Don't judge me)

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