With Taco Tico returning and the response TK gave upon receiving the news, it made me wonder what other restaurants we would like to see come back to TK. So, being the TK newbie, I thought I'd ask the great folks of Texarkana what restaurant favs they would like to see make a return.

Below are the top 5 restaurants Majic 93.3 listeners said they would like to see come back to T-town and why.

1. Lubys- This was apparently a TK favorite and had the most comments on FB. Many people recall Luby's being an all-time-favorite-after-church-spot.

2. Johnny Carinos -  The old Italian favorite is now Larry's Pizza... still in the Italian family, but not the same.

3. Bryce's - Now, even I can recall eating at Bryce's many years back when passing through. They had the best beef tips and rice and rolls.

4. Short Stop - I had to inquire about this one, and here's what I found out. This chow spot apparently had the BEST burgers and cajun fries. Yeah.... that needs to come back! :0

5. Shoney's - Located on 5200 N. Stateline. This breakfast fav apparently gave IHOP a run for the money.

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