Ladies,we spend a lot of time and a money working on our exterior. Our hair has to be done… nails gotta be right..... Face gotta be beat before we step out. Fellas, you're no different. Gotta have that fresh cut before you go anywhere! But how much time and money do you put toward that part of you we can’t see? The inner you... Your mind… your spirit… your heart...YOUR SOUL?

Oh you're REAL pretty on the outside, but what do you look like on the inside? What’s the last book you read?  When is the last time you worked on your attitude? DO KNOW that beauty is fleeing. And just because you pour syrup on something doesn’t make it pancakes. Beauty will get you through the door, but unless you got it together on the inside, you won’t stay there.  I’m by no means saying neglect your outter appearance, but what I am saying is….Spend the same amount of time working on your inner man.

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