As 2019 rapidly approaches, I reflect on past decisions I've made and those I will be faced with in the future. As I've said before... the bulk of what I’ve done in life of any significance was birthed when I pushed through fear. Anyone who tells you that fear is a sign of weakness and that people of faith don’t battle fear occasionally is lying to you. I asked a friend several years ago, what was his biggest fear. He told me he had NO fear, only courage. I challenged him on his "courageousness"  because courage is only needed to stamp out fear.  There’s no need for courage if you have no fear??  So My point today? Having fear is normal. Fear having you is not. Typically the very thing on the other side of that fear, is typically your next BEST move. And like I always say… It could be the best decision of your life or it could be the worst. You will never know until you until you JUMP.

So vow today FOR 2019 to look fear in the face, push past it, grab your faith, be of good courage KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND BETTER YET… KNOW WHOSE

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