The 4th annual food fest is going down in Downtown Texarkana on June 1 from 10 AM until 8 PM. COME EAT GOOD!This Food Fest will offer a variety of foods from home-grown produce to restaurant quality fine cuisine and an array of vending trucks will serve a variety of foods, desserts, and other tasty treats.

To be a vendor at this amazing event, CLICK HERE and get registered today!

“Front Street Food Festival” is an opportunity for the best chefs, restaurants, bakers, local farmers, and food entrepreneurs to showcase their edible items. Retail, Awareness, Arts & Crafts vendors and nonprofits are allowed to vend at this event.

Tameka Grady, the founder and coordinator of the  Front Street Food Festival was one of the first people I met when I moved to Texarkana. It was only a short while later that she shared with me that her passion to begin the Food Festival stemmed from her sister's love for food trucks. Unfortunately, she lost her sister unexpectedly to cancer. You can see the video and all the details on the festival here.

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