Some people are funny and just seem to agonize to the extreme over what to get someone for Christmas or birthdays. Stay calm, I can help you.Two words... "Gift Card".

Seriously, most guys won't admit it but we all love to go shopping, when we have money to spend on ourselves that is.

You send us to Walmart, Academy or Gander Mountain with a gift card in our hand and no guilt-worries about getting something for the kids or our wife and we're just as happy as a pig in slop.

You can accomplish the same thing online because let's face it, there are some stores that we just don't have access to here locally like Cabellas, Cheaper Than Dirt, Sportman's Guide and Bass Pro Shop. For the geek who wants a little bit of everything there's or just to throw out a couple of names, or if you just can't make up your mind there's which has A LOT of everything.

All of these places, including the first 3 mentioned offer gift cards that you can walk in and purchase, or buy them online and have them sent to the recipient of your choice.

Here's the only caveat, if you're buying a gift card that's only redeemable online and giving it to a 75+ year old man who doesn't own or care to own a computer... that would be a bad gift choice.

So quit beating yourself up, get him a gift card and don't you dare feel bad about it, most guys love 'em! Saves you from all that wrapping turmoil too.

Feel free to send me as many as you like.

Merry Christmas!


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