Okay, my Sci-fi Space Geekness is in full swing. The International Space Station will be flying over Texarkana over the next few nights and we will be able to see it with the naked eye.  

A couple of years ago my husband and  I were at the lake and had the chance to spot it and it was awesome. I can't wait to do this again. Below is a list of dates, times and about where to look for it in the sky.

Here's How to Find it in The Sky

Tonight Wednesday, July 14 you will be able to see it in the Texarkana sky at 9:14 in the South Western Sky about 10 degrees above the horizon with the maximum height at 70 degrees. So think of the horizon at 0 degrees and straight up is 90 degrees.   If you miss it tonight there are still plenty of chances to see it over the next few days although it will be closer to the horizon.

Stocktrek Images
Stocktrek Images


I know last time once I saw it I couldn't help but wave. And yes I think they could see me, well maybe not but it was still super cool!. According to NASA's Spot the Station website below are the times to see the Space Station now through Monday July 26

Here's the Schedule for the Next Few Nights

Date                       Time Visible    Max Height            Appears          Disappears

Wed Jul 14, 9:14 PM7 min70°10° above SW10° above NE  
Wed Jul 14, 10:53 PM4 min13°10° above WNW10° above N
Thu Jul 15, 3:48 AM4 min15°10° above N10° above ENE  
Thu Jul 15, 5:24 AM7 min53°10° above NW10° above SSE  
Thu Jul 15, 10:05 PM5 min20°10° above W10° above NNE  
Fri Jul 16, 3:02 AM1 min11°10° above NNE10° above NE
Fri Jul 16, 4:36 AM7 min77°10° above NW10° above SE  
Fri Jul 16, 9:17 PM6 min32°10° above WSW10° above NNE  
Sat Jul 17, 3:55 AM< 1 min11°11° above ESE10° above ESE  
Sat Jul 17, 5:29 AM2 min14°14° above SW10° above SSW  
Sun Jul 18, 9:21 PM3 min13°10° above WNW10° above N  
Mon Jul 26, 11:11 PM1 min14°10° above N14° above N

Here's a great tool to see where it will be spotthestation.nasa.gov/

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