When you ask God to remove things and/or people from your life, don't be mad or bitter about the way He chooses to do it. "God remove everybody from my life that you didn't put there," is what we typically pray when relationships go sour or something becomes a burden and we feel the need for a life change. But when it actually happens in an undesirable manner or contrary to how we imagined it happening, we're salty. We'll stay mad for years about how "she lied on me or "he cheated on me." Sorry not sorry... You don't get the privilege of telling God how to do His job.

Going into 2018, as you prune your relationships, be prepared for anything, but more importantly.... Be thankful for an answered prayer. #bye #seeya #ItsNotYouItsMe #Iaintmadatcha #YouCouldntMakeTheJourney #TheTripGotEm

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