Do not mess with Kelly Clarkson. You'll have to deal with her — not to mention the rest of the pitchfork-and-torch-bearing Internet.

The "Miss Independent" singer fired off a few pleasant Independence Day-related tweets on Tuesday that wouldn't make anyone think twice.

There was nothing remarkable about Clarkson's posts...until, that is, one person decided to mention her weight for no reason.

Clarkson has played to huge crowds, heard not-so-nice whispers about her waistline before and even endured harsh criticism from Simon Cowell during the pressure cooker that was the first season of American Idol, so you just know this yokel's mean-spirited and unnecessary comment wouldn't rattle her.

Not that Clarkson needed it, but she then got a show of support from her army of supporters on Twitter, who came out en masse to get her back and let her know just how much they love her.

Things You Probably Never Knew About Kelly Clarkson:

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