Some new developments surfaced in regards to Meek Mill’s legal case in Philadelphia. As you may know, the FBI launched a probe into Judge Genece Brinkley’s conduct on the bench. Judge Brinkley is the person who sentenced Mill to 2-4 years in prison.

According to, three different sources told the newspaper that Meek asked the FBI to investigate Judge Brinkley for allegedly “extort favors from him in exchange for leniency.” But when the FBI requested the Philly rapper to tape his conversation with the judge, he declined.

However, separate federal law enforcement sources have confirmed that there is no active investigation into the judge. But even a fleeting mention of the now-closed inquiry was bound to raise eyebrows in a city where a number of judges have been convicted of crimes or ousted in ethical scandals in recent years.

Mill’s filed a complaint to the FBI in February 2016 after a meeting in Brinkley’s chambers in which the rapper claimed the judge made a number of inappropriate requests, including remaking a Boyz II Men's song "On Bended Knee." The transcript of their conversation has been sealed since last year at the request of Mill and his then-lawyer Frank DeSimone.

The 2016 FBI probe was brought up during a hearing to appeal Mill's sentence on Monday (Dec. 4). The rapper's lawyers argued that Brinkley’s mere knowledge of the FBI inquiry poses a conflict that should prompt her to recuse herself.

As we reported last week, Judge Brinkley denied Mill's bail request and called him a "danger to the community." Mill's lawyers had filed an appeal with the state's Superior Court as they will continue to fight for Meek's freedom.

Mill’s lawyers, Joseph Tacopina and Brian McMonagle, declined to answer questions this week about their knowledge of the 2016 probe.

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