New Jersey Police have charged a woman with child endangerment for allegedly taking her 5 year old daughter inside a tanning salon and the child receiving burns from a tanning bed.

We will let the police do their investigation of this mother before tossing any judgments her way but Daaaayum! Did you see her? Not the daughter, the mom!  I have boots that don't look that leathery. I have known a few women in my lifetime that liked to overdo the tanning a bit, but never anyone like that. Somebody needs to do an intervention here.

Is there any culpability with the salon she's been going to for her condition? Isn't there a point where the salon operator has to say, sorry lady, you have overdone it. Go home.

The mother claims that her daughter got a sunburn while playing in the yard and that may well be true, but when you look at the leather, I mean the mother, let's just say the judge might be inclined to NOT believe a word she says.

Don't get me wrong, if you want to do a tanning bed tan, go for it. Everybody hates it when I wear shorts at the shooting range, on a bright sunny day you could use my legs as photography reflectors. I could use a little color too, but whoa! If you choose to tan under the lights just keep in mind, there is a point where you have gone too far. Just saying.

She is scheduled to appear in front of a Judge on 2nd Degree Child Endangerment charges.