Texarkana Texas Police arrested 28-year-old Joshua Lowe and charged him with Capital Murder Thursday.

According to the story posted on Facebook, TTPD was called out Sunday to Christus St. Michael Hospital about an 11-month-old boy brought to the emergency room by his mother and her boyfriend. The boyfriend's name is Joshua Lowe, the boy was not breathing and had serious injuries, according to the report.

ER doctors were able to get the child stabilized enough to transfer him to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. Unfortunately, he died two days later.

TTPD Facebook story continues:

It was later learned that (boyfriend) Lowe had been watching the child while the mother was at work. When Detective Cliff Harris interviewed Lowe on Sunday evening, it became apparent that his explanation of what happened didn't make any sense in light of the obvious injuries to the child. He arrested Lowe for Aggravated Assault that day and booked him into the Bi-State Jail. After the child died, Detective Harris obtained a warrant for Capital Murder and upgraded his charge today.

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