A friend of mine who sends out these motivational texts (shout out to Andrea Smith by the way) had this to say a few days ago, and I couldn’t have said it better... She said, "Stop living your best LIE and start living your best life".We live in a world that gets high on instant gratification and validation typically from social media. Folks love stuntin' for the BOOK and stuntin' for IG, but you're not stuntin' in your LIFE, which is what matters!  

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is many of us are pretending we’re living our best lives on social media and logging off and returning to a very different reality. So when the likes, comments, etc don’t give us that high we need, we’re depressed because we’re not LIVING OUR BEST LIVES. You spend hours working on angles and filters when you should actually be working on YOU….

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