Show me your thinking and I'll show you your tomorrow. 

Believe it or not, you're slave to whatever you spend your mind's energy on. Whatever consumes your mind space, is what you will produce in your life. See, we get so sidetracked wanting to address the fruit, but what needs addressing is the root (the mind). You wonder why you hop from one unhealthy relationship to another... why your days are unproductive and you're always caught up in some drama. Well, how much social media and reality TV do you feed your mind? How much time throughout the day do you spend thinking of things and/or people that really don't matter? That time would be better utilized pondering your next best move, reading a book, or studying one of the "greats" whose already done what you aspire to do.

So, today I challenge you to take inventory of your thoughts. At the end of the day, tally up your thoughts and see how many are fruitful (will actually lead to something productive in your life) and how many are fruitless.  Just know... that you can't live a life apart from your mind.

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