Bottoms up! It's National Drink Beer Day and this malty elixir is toasted annually on September 28th as it is the world's most popular adult beverage.


 Well, it's not quite my cup of tea or glass of wine. But apparently there's something quite appeasing to the palette for most as there is an entire day dedicated to the countless assorted tastes, colors and weights.

According to the research of National Day Calendar,

Beer lovers have more selection than ever before in the ale and lager market. An explosion in the craft beer industry keeps the competition and the flavors robust, churning out new flavors seasonally.  Beer connoisseurs quench their thirst with flavors drastically different from their grandfather’s beers.  Rootbeer to raspberry, caramel, and hints of herbs all tickle the palate when it comes to artisanal beers.

Although I don't drink beer, I went through the trouble of finding you some specials and a few local watering holes as my gift to you!

Catch a few of the following local specials:

Applebees: $2 Michelob Ultra in a mug, $2 Sam Adams Octoberfest

Chili's (Home of Justin The Crazy Bartendar we all love): HAPPY HOUR 3-7....$3 small Coors Light, $4 tall Coors Light, $3 small Bud Light, $4 large Bud Light, $4 snall Premium Beers, $5 tall Premium Beers  

Fat Jacks: HAPPY HOUR 4-7... $2 Domestic Bottles, $1.75 Domestic Drafts, $5 Domestic Pitcher

Hopkins (downtown): HAPPY HOUR 3-7 and 9-CLOSE... $2 Domestic Bottles (Bud Light, Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, Miller Light, Coors Light, & Coors) $4 Queso YUMO!

Buffalo Wild Wings: Thurs - Mon.... $5 Angry Orchid,  Modello, Sam Adams, IPA, Dos Equis and Blue Moon

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