Sex In the City's Kerri Bradshaw ain't got a thing on the lovely writer, Christine Quarles also known as CoCo by those who love her and "C. Quarles" by those who admire her work. 

A member of the lovely Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. it does me great pleasure to call this lady my "soror". The self-published C. Quarles used personal life experiences and experiences of others to provide a well-rounded perspective on "casual sex" in her book Pretty, Crossed & Tempted. She writes...

In today's society, where unlimited freedom and instant gratification are the norm, women have become the victims of these unfortunate tends. Low standards and lack of self-control have turned bedrooms into emotionless playgrounds where casual sex flows freely. As a result, relationships between women and men have turned sour.

As stated by the author, herself, the book "Pretty, Crossed, & Tempted details how women can avoid this dangerous trap.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Quarles this week, and the conversation go pretty deep on and off camera! And believe me... if you think you know what the book is all about, I'm 99/9% sure you're wrong. No spoilers here though... You gotta get it for yourself. :)

In our interview, not only did we discuss the book's very realistic content, we also talked about an event she's putting on to foster open and honest adult dialogue called "Sex In The City" where she will join entertainment promoter, Douglas DA Arnold of Arnold Boyz Entertainment, in talking about the relational norm and affects of having casual sex for men, but ultimately for women.

The forum is an opportunity for Texarkana's men and women, single and taken, to come out and get their questions answered as well as share their experiences and opinions.



Check out my Facebook Live interview below:

"Pretty, Crossed & Tempted can be purchased at the "Sex In The City" event tonight at the Diva Maintenance Studio located at 214 E. Broad Street.. The open forum kicks off tonight at 7 p.m. You can also contact C. Quarles on FB to purchase your copy.

Come on out! Let's talk it up, TK!

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