Now, this is a cook-off you do not want to miss. It's the Boomtown Border City Steak Cookoff and it's taking place in Texarkana on April 30.

Put Your Grilling Talent to The Test


If you grill a great steak or if you make fantastic chicken wings it's time to put your talents to the test. Over $3,000 in prizes will be awarded to the top best in each category. This cookoff is hosted by Dot's Ace Hardware and is sanctioned by the Steak Cookoff Association so this is the real deal.

Here's Where The Steak Cookoff Will Be Held

Empty Hot Charcoal Barbecue Grill With Bright Flame On The Black Background

The cookoff will be held outside the Dot's Ace Hardware store located at 3411 Richmond Road in Texarkana.

To enter the cookoff for the Steaks category the fee is $160. To enter the Chicken Wings category the fee is $50. Or enter both for $210. The event is free to the public to watch and ask questions.

Want to know what's at stake? (No pun intended)

Steak Grilling Competition Prizes

grilling steaks on flaming grill and shot with selective focus

Steak Competition Breakdown

1st Place - $1,000

2nd Place- $500

3rd Place - $400

4th Place - $300

5th Place - $200

6th Place thru 10th Place -$100

Chicken Wings Competition Prizes

Buffalo Chicken Wings stacked

Chicken Wings Competition Breakdown

1st Place - $250

2nd Place -$150

3rd Place - $100

4th Place - $50

5th Place - $50


If you have a grill then get ready for this competition. According to a press release the SCA holds these events all across the county. Each competitor is scored by a point system at every qualifying cookoff. When those points rack up to a certain number winners can eventually advance to national and international events and competitions.


This Could Be The First SCA Sanctioned Event in Texarkana Event

Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash
Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

Devin Jennings with Dot's Ace Hardware stated in a press release;

This is the first SCA-sanctioned event to be held in Texarkana as far as we know. We are really excited to be partnering with Red River Beef Co, they are providing all of the steaks for the competition, and we think it’s going to be a really fun time.


More Details & How to Enter the Boomtown Border City Steak Cookoff

Dots Ace Hardware, SCA
Dots Ace Hardware, SCA

Steaks are included in the entry fee, courtesy of Red River Beef Company in Texarkana. Cooks will need to use their own grill and supplies. Complete rules can be found on the SCA website -

To learn more, read the rules and regulations, and register for the event, visit, or call Devin Jennings or Lisa Garton at (903)838-0059. Follow Dot’s Ace Hardware on Facebook to stay updated on this event and other events and promotions.

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