Texarkana may be considered a small town but it has grown so much and it just keeps growing. But if you or someone you know is complaining that there is nothing to do in Texarkana, tell them to stop complaining and look at the great things you can do in and around the Texarkana area.

 Texarkana is in the perfect location

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We are close to lakes, parks, and off-road facilities yet we are also close enough to the big cities too. Shreveport, Little Rock and Dallas are all close enough for a weekend getaway, shopping, concerts and sporting events.

Traffic? What Traffic?

There is very little traffic in Texarkana. I know, I grew up in Dallas where you spend most of your time in a car. Do you want to go shopping or to the movies? It seems like you are 45 minutes from everywhere when you live in Dallas and it's all because of the traffic. Yes, I know Richmond Road is busy but we tend to forget that we can still very easily and super fast get around town.

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Texarkana is Close to Lakes

We have a beautiful lake area with Wright Patman Lake where you can go camping, fishing or play a little frisbee golf. Other lakes that are not far off are Millwood Lake, Lake Greeson and Lake DeGray. Plus, Hot Springs is close by too with more lake fun, off-roading, shopping and restaurants to check out.

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We have Beautiful Parks

-We have beautiful parks too. Spring Lake Park and Bobby Ferguson parks are great for a peaceful walk and feed the ducks and geese. There is also Jefferson Park and we have two dog parks! Plus we have great bike trails like Nix Creek and Bringle Trail. Oh, and we have a Skateboard Park downtown too.

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Downtown Texarkana is Starting to Get More Active

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Downtown has more events and activities going on than ever before. The Downtown Texarkana Arts and Entertainment District has restaurants and live music. Plus there is Second Saturday Trade Days, and Ghost Walks will run through Halloween. Rent a bike downtown then ride around and get your picture taken at all the great murals in Texarkana.

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We Have an Airport

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We are fortunate to have an airport. Texarkana Regional Airport is convenient and gives us the opportunity to get to connect to flights where we can discover the world. Soon another terminal will be built with even more opportunities.

The Cost of Living is GREAT!


The cost of Living is really good here! If you don't believe me then check out the house prices in Dallas. Yikes!

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