Have you heard? There's a new Children's store coming to Texarkana. The national chain 'Kid to Kid' is retail store that specializes in top resale brand clothing and toys.

The resale concept is fast becoming the new trend in retail stores where customers can sale their like-new kids clothing to the retailer based on style and condition. Maternity clothing is also welcome along with other apparel and items for cash or store credit. Not only can you make some cash off those outgrown kids clothes but you can purchase items the store as well. Toys are also accepted as long as they are in good condition and have no missing working parts.

According to their website, once your items have been selected you will be offered cash on the spot or get paid 20% more than the cash offered by choosing in store credit. And if you don't want to have the trouble of hauling your goods back home, just let them know which charity you would like to have them donate toward, and they will take care of that for you.

Even though Kid to Kid is a national chain store each store is individually locally owned and operated. Just make sure to check with the store to make sure of their policies and procedures.

I think this will a huge hit for Texarkana because I know so many people with outgrown baby and kids clothes that may have been worn once or twice and gets stored away. Now you can make some money without worrying about having a garage sale.

Get a quick glance HERE of items that Kid to Kid will be looking for.

Kid to Kid will be opening soon in the Texarkana Pavilion Shopping Center across from Best Buy. All Kid to Kid stores are easy to spot because of the small pink door adjacent to the main big door.

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