You may have noticed that "Trump Freedom Rides" are being organized and have been popping up in various cities. This weekend Texarkana will have its Texas/Arkansas for Trump Freedom Cruise.

It looks like the die-hard Texarkana Trump supporters will show their support of the current president this Saturday in a parade-like demonstration displaying their Trump paraphernelia, flags, and bumper stickers as they cruise a route within the city.

According to our sister station, Kicker 102.5, the route (right now) will be as follows:  Starting point @ / Whiskey River Country (Formerly Shooters) - County ave - Arkansas Blvd ( Arkansas Republican Headquarters ) - Jefferson Ave - Broad St - Texas Blvd - New Boston Rd - Summer Hill Rd (Texas Republican Headquarters ) -Frontage Rd - Ending @ Whiskey River Country.

According to the event FB page, the Cruise will begin at 12 shortly after a brief ceremony and singing of the National Anthem.

If you just so happen to encounter the enthusiastic "45" supporters, be kind, safe and social distance. I highly doubt many will have on masks. lol


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