Birthdays are not about getting older. They're about getting BOLDER... Knowing who you are... OWNING WHO YOU ARE AND THE ROLE YOU PLAY IN THIS LIFE. Each year, as I bring one year to a close and embark on a new one, I have one question for myself:  Are you where you should be in life at this point and time in your life? Now, I'll be honest, I am not a fan of aging. (What woman do you know that is?) However, I am a huge fan and advocate of maturing and getting wiser.  Quite honestly, there's nothing more sad to me than an OLD fool.

So, as I begin to bring my month-long birthday celebration to an end, I encourage you to gauge your b-day turn-up by whether or not you’ve GROWN UP! And those are your Pearls of Wisdom, Texarkana. Go WIN THE DAY! 

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