A lot times we pray for God to remove a problem so we can move on to the next level because "that’s the ONLY thing that’s standing in our way". Well can I tell you… it is INDEED the only thing standing in your way?But  while you’re waiting on God to move your problem, he’s waiting on you to FINALLY push PASSED your problem. That’s the only way you’re gonna elevate to the next level and morph into the person He’s called you to be. You can’t carry  into the NEXT level what’s kicking your butt on this level. I don’t know what it is for you…… maybe it’s an unhealthy relationship, could be money matters, perhaps its fear… fear of leaving something behind or having that hard conversation. I don’t know… but whatever it is, you will continue to deal with it until you DEAL WITH IT!  Can’t put new wine in new wine skin.

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