Fellas no offense but I’m talking to the ladies today…. Ladies we stay on some kinda diet.  Me included! I'm no different than you. We're all trying to get summertime fine....trying to shed pounds for the upcoming events: class reunions, wedding, blah blah blah. But what if I told you the weight you need to shed has absolutely NOTHING to do with a treadmill or what’s on your table? What if I told you that the weight you need to lose is the weight of a WEAK MAN! Because here’s the thing….. Trying to raise someone else’s son ain't what that is! It is heavy… heavy on the heart… heavy on the mind and after a while it weighs heavily on your spirit. Now….. if I told you that you could drop 50 pounds in one step, you would come running. But what if I told you you could drop 50 PLUS simply by making better choices in the men you allow in your life. Just something to think about today. And by the way... PEACE looks better on you than a size 2.

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