Here me when I say….There can be no competition where there is no comparison. Don't get me wrong... there is nothing wrong with a HEALTHY competition. But before there can even be a competition of any kind, there has to be a comparison. You don’t hear sports commentators comparing basketball plays to football plays…. Or baseball players to hockey players. Why? Because there is NO comparison. So, stop getting distracted by this false competition with folks who don’t even compare to you. It’s like Steve Harvey’s mentor told him… A dog can look up and howl at the moon all night. No one will ever say a word about it. That’s just what dogs do.  But the moment the moon looks down at the dog and howls back, it will make front page news. So to those barking trying to compete with you… Politely tell ‘em,  "Hunny, we are not the same." 

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