Will Smith said EVERYBODY wants to be successful but  90% of people are not willing to do what it takes to be successful. So my question to you is this…..  Are you setting up an environment for yourself to win? 

For example- Do you get up in the morning and start your day willing to just take life as it comes OR do you approach the day with a plan ON a mission with a goal in mind to accomplish for the day?  Here’s the thing- We’re given 24 hours in a day regardless of what we choose to do with them. In order to win at the end of those 24 hours and in order to see any improvement in our lives, we have to be intentional about how we approach each day.

Ladies, we STAY on a diet... me included. But if I look in your refrigerator or pantry, will I find that its set up for you to win, or did you lose the battle at the grocery store?  Like I said in a previous Pearls of Wisdom segment: 'You can’t beat the demons you enjoy playing with.'  So start today setting up for yourself an environment to WIN!

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