Can I touch your hair? No, but if you do, be prepared to get a swat. 

Solange said it best, "Don't touch my hair. Don't touch my crown"... her response to the age-old question, "Can I touch your hair?". (all while in motion to TOUCH YOUR HAIR)  A Black lady known as Momo Pixel took it a step further and turned her frustrations into a video game called "HAIR NAH," giving a new meaning to "You can catch these hands".  In the video game, designed to keep women (hands that appear to be those of Caucasian women), from touching her hair, the player plays the role of a Black woman who's traveling. The object of the game is for the character, Aeva, to avoid persistent hands from touching her hair, thus stopping her from missing her flight. Therefore, as the player, the goal is to swat as many hands away before they touch your hair by using either the mouse or arrow keys. But ya better be quick.

One of the really cool things about the game is that ANYONE can play, but there's a catch... Your character has to be a Black woman. The game begins by giving the player the option to customize their ethnic hairstyle and melanin tone... an added bonus I'd say. Click below to play the game and see how many hands you can keep out of your hair.

Now that you've played Hair Nah, you can thank Momo for allowing you to release your frustrations via video play versus in real life. As a Black women, myself, with natural hair, I can't express just how much life this video gave me. So, tonight, I'm gonna put my good friends and family who have never been asked the question, "Can I touch your hair" to the test. The question is not will they make it through to catch the flight. The question is, will they make it through without feeling like they're in a petting zoo.

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