As a woman in entertainment, I've learned early to keep tough skin. The truth of the matter is, everybody's not going to like you.  And that's why you HAVE to know that you're an eagle and what that life entails! Now, of course, that's if you're an eagle. If you're a chicken, I'm not talking to you. :) Don’t allow somebody to dummy you down into jumping into a chicken fight. You have no business on the ground wrestling and squabbling chickens. Why get dirty fighting a chicken when you can spread your wings and fly high to an altitude above clouds and storms. And truth be told…. If you would just continue to soar at YOUR LEVEL & keep yourself occupied with the vision ahead you would never know what’s going on ground-level anyway because you can’t see that far down.

Short but sweet… Cut strings with folks who continue to bring you down.  So, put on your Pearls of Wisdom and enjoy your Tuesday!

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