Should we start calling every Wednesday in Arkansas "Winning Wednesday? That's because over the last two Wednesdays's the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery had two Arkansas players win $1 million dollars!

The good news is that two more prizes worth $1 million dollars remain on the $1,000,000 Riches Game, according to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. Of course with this big of a cash prize, names remain anonymous.


Could you be the next Arkansas millionaire? All I know is if I were to win a million dollars I would retire to a cabin on the lake surrounded by mountains.

Lucky Month

January has been a lucky month for native Arkansans. Mark Deavers from Conway was playing the Natural State Jackpot on Monday went he won $240,000. Two more people were winners this week of $10,000 from Little Rock and Clarksville while $50,000 went to a Dover resident and $100,000 went to a person in Jonesboro, according to THV11.

This is a win-win situation because when you purchase a ticket you are helping fund college scholarships for students in Arkansas. so far, 650,000 scholarships have been awarded thus far.

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So, get to it Arkansas you just might be the next big cash winner!

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