I talk a lot about passion and purpose. I can't help it... that's what fuels my fire! But I know not everyone understands what purpose is, but more than anything, many lack guidance on how to discover it.So, today I want to pose a question to you to help you get started on finding your purpose. What could I call you in the middle of the night and ask you to do that you would actually wake up out of a dead sleep for... get out of your bed and do for free? For some of you, you would wake up and sing or write a song. Some of you would get out of bed to plan an event or choreograph a dance. Small or large, don't ignore those things, because anything you're willing to lose sleep over and NOT get paid to do you're without a doubt passionate about. And your passion will always lead you to your purpose. So, ponder that question today and let the answer lead you to discovering what you're called to do, and lets get to operating in our purpose in 2018.

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