Feed your mind like you do your body. When you feel that hunger pang in your stomach, you go eat, don’t you?? If you don’t have an occasional craving for wisdom & knowledge, that’s a tell-tale sign that something is out of order in your life. Nothing you will ever do takes place outside  your mind. As I’ve said before….your mind and your mouth are your most valuable tools. Now…. Would you jump in a 5K run or some physical competition with malnourished body? So why would you send your mind out to the battlefield without proper nourishment? (cont'd below)

Every battle you will ever fight will be won or lost in your mind. Feed your mind something other than Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t like to read, you can now LISTEN to a book instead. Can’t make it to church?? The internet will bring the Word to you. There are motivational apps and all kind of things available nowadays. There are no reason for your mind to ever starve! 

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