I've never really been a girl to put a lot of emphasis on Valentine's Day. I'm more of a "grab-me-something-nice-on-the-way-home-randomly-because-you-were-thinking-of-me-kinda-chick" However, I know there are some single women out there who dread the approach of the very date. Well ladies, it's not against the rules to write your OWN Love Playbook.... one that you can execute 365 days out of the year.

And it all begins with loving that chick you wake up to in the mirror every morning. Truth be told...  until you love her, you can't teach anyone else how to love her.  Because here's the thing... Valentine's Day is only one day out 365. The lady in the mirror will still be standing there when your valentine is someone else's valentine. So do something great for yourself today. Take care of you... your hair, your body, etc. Buy yourself something new. When the world sees just how much you love you, that love will be reciprocated.

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