If you watch Jeopardy then might already know this but if you don't or aren't a regular watcher, did you know that Texarkana has been mentioned as either the subject of the question or it was the answer? 

According to the J-archive website, Texarkana has been mentioned 11 times! The most recent was last year in October and the first time was way back in 1987.  Below I have listed the Jeopardy 'answers' because the questions are the answers and the answer is the question. Yeah, you know what I mean. You can click on the highlighted date and it will take you to the archived Jeopardy game board.

Do you remember any of these times that Texarkana was mentioned on the show?


This Question appeared on October 28, 2020 Literature on the Map for $400

attachment-jeopardy 11


This one appeared on June 1, 2017 U.s. Place Names for $2000

attachment-Jeopardy 10


This next one aired on February 11, 2015 African American History for $1200

attachment-jeopardy 9


Airing on May 17, 2010 it was Hark, It's Arkansas! for $1,000

attachment-jeopardy 8


Back on March 6, 2001 this is what was on the show USA $200

attachment-jeopardy 7


Airing on December 10, 1997 Around the USA $200

attachment-Jeopardy 6


Texarkana was on Jeopardy's mind on March 22, 1990

attachment-jeopardy 5


Texarkana was mentioned twice in 1988 on December 16 with 'EX' Marks the Spot for $400

attachment-jeopardy 4


And earlier in the year on March 31, 1988 with 'Line's' for $500

attachment-jeopardy 3


Back on July 7, 1987 Texarkana was the focus again in Pick "Cotton" for $400

attachment-Jeopardy 2


The very first time Texarkana was named on Jeopardy was on January 16, 1987 in Geographic Pairs for $400

attachment-jeopardy 1

There was also one person from Texarkana on the show as a contestant. Justin Otor was on the show back in 2007 when he was just 12 years old for Kid's week on Jeopardy. He went to Pleasant Grove Middle School. He has said he wanted to work in the field of music or science. We'd love to know what he's been up to. If you know be sure to let us know.

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