This time change is H-E-Double Hockey Sticks on me every year. This year, I decided I would look up some tips to help me push through this year to set me up for success for the 2018 daylight savings time. Below I'm sharing with you the three tips I'm implementing to make this transition a good one.

1. Avoid taking a nap. Naps are a girls best friend ESPECIALLY during a certain time `of the month! YUCK! If you want Monday morning to be a breeze, as tempting as it may be, do not take a nap today!   I know this is tough for some of us, but a nap may make the next morning difficult for you in trying to get up at a different time to go to work or school.Many kiddos have it easy, as they are out of school on Monday.

2. Ban technology from the bedroom....  Whoooowee.... this is a hard one. Most of us are addicted to out phones or other handhelds. But the mere light from their displays has a field day with our brains disturbing our natural rhythm of sleep. Experts say to avoid these devices at least one hour before bedtime.

3. Stick to your normal bedtimes. Experts say you to stick to your normal bedtimes. This means going to bed at your old time, not the new time. This little trick can help your body get used to the change in sleep patterns and the increased darkness without feeling too groggy.

Now that we have fallen back and set our clocks back an hour. Let's make it as easy as we can on ourselves so we can attack this new time change victoriously!

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