Did you know that eagles make love in the air? 

But before they ever even get to that point, the female eagle sends male eagles through a trial period.  The female eagle will find a potential mate and choose him to fly with her. If she likes how he flies, she will pick up a small stick and fly high with it and then drop it to see if he can catch it. If he does, she finds an even bigger stick and repeats the process until she finally grabs the heaviest stick she, herself, can carry.  At this point, the stick is approximately the size of a small log.  She flies high and drops the large stick to see if her potential companion will catch it.  Now if at any given point and time in this process the male eagle fails to catch the stick, she flies away as a signal that he failed and the test is over.

Morale of the story: Ladies, you don't necessarily need a man who can carry your light weight. You got that. You need a king who can carry those things that are heavier than what you were built to carry.... those things that you as a queen shouldn't ever have to touch and surely shouldn’t have to fly with.

Fellas I told ya’ll I was coming for ya this week.. ;-)

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